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Teacher, find information here about using a Life Garden in your classroom. 

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If you are a teacher interested in using a garden for free, please contact us.

Lending library funded by Cedar Valley Healthy Hometown.

Have you ever thought about what people across the globe eat? Or have you ever thought about how to teach students about seeds, and the process of plants growing? Or about patience, nutrition, or diversity? Or what about the climates of different parts of the world and how people in places like Haiti, have very different soil ecosystems compared to that of Iowa.

We have a lending library of 21 gardens that are free to use in the Waterloo Community Schools, or Waterloo private school  systems. Kids learn differently when they can be hands on, engaged, and involved with learning systems, and we believe that if a child can be hands on in the process of growing their own food, they'll become lifelong  learners of nutrition. 

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