Social Services

Culture Integration Classes & Open Resource Center

We provide an open door for communities to come in and receive mentorship at our resource center in multiple areas, including making phone calls and reading mail, such as discovering insurance information and home ownership issues.

Accessed over 900 times by over 200 families, our open-door service times support the immigrant and refugee community by removing barriers to workforce development and moving them to financial stability. Services allow us to discover what obstacles exist for each individual and place them on a path to remove that barrier. It also provides valuable time and space to teach about processes and how to attain or maintain the service themselves.

Barriers we see daily in order of most frequent are:

  • Interpretation
  • Food Assistance
  • Phone Calls
  • Medical/Dental
  • Community Resource Referral
  • USCIS account help - Digital Literacy
  • Financial/Legal referrals
  • Housing Assistance
  • Workforce Referrals/Applications

In addition, we provide culture integration, driver permit review, and basic English language classes in person and online. 

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