Would you help us reach others? Our essential social services allow us to connect regularly and understand the needs of the marginalized communities we serve. Also, to teach our newcomers about processes, paperwork, and life skills in the United States. Most importantly, it provides wrap-around compassion and accountability to move refugees forward in their new life.   

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“Services allow non-English speakers to feel a sense of belonging and matter in this community/country while we continue to learn new skills.”

“I don’t have to worry about not having an interpreter or calling the wrong people. Without the service, I won’t know who to turn to and get help. I probably just leave all the emails or what needed to get done due to a lack of knowledge on how to process it. I’m very grateful for the service.”

“I’m not proficient in English so the service is an extremely helpful place where I can get my mail, government forms, phone calls, etc to get it done."

"I love growing salad!"

Mr. Hartman's Class
1st Grade

"Our lettuce made the room smell nice!"

Mrs. Boone's Class
3rd Grade

"Wow, this is really good. I have never had lettuce like this before."

Mrs. Mounters Class
3rd Grade

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