In 2022 we will be offering guided cross-cultural or entrepreneurial mentorship opportunities at the Cedar Valley Makers. We need your help!

What will I be doing?
Through construction projects at the Cedar Valley Makerspace, you will have an opportunity to learn to build hydroponic gardens. You will be paired with a refugee participant who is also learning alongside you.

What if I don’t know basic construction skills?
It is ok! We are all starting at the beginning and will be practicing the basics. With your partner you will each practice using a drill, hand saw and creating pocket holes. Your goal is to become efficient at these tools an understand how an entire garden is built.

What if we don’t speak the same language?
It’s okay! We will have translators and translated materials available. However, a smile and your friendship will go a long way. Relax, build, and enjoy time together. Your pretense is all that is needed.

What are we building the gardens for?
The gardens are part of a project to benefit the greater community. We are creating a lending library of Life Gardens to be used in schools and businesses. Also, in the Fall of 2022 we will launch a cooperative growing opportunity to youth in the Waterloo area. The gardens will supply the growers with their initial garden.

Will there be other mentor opportunities available?
Yes! As we launch the Youth program in the Fall of 2022, we will need volunteers to help guide youth in an entrepreneurial experience of cooperative farming. 

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